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Oct 24 2016

Judgment Day Cometh with the Rise of the Machines, or What I Learned at PuppetConf 2016

Posted by Toffer Winslow / SecDevOps, Security As Code, DevOps, Events, Puppet

"In the future, all software will be installed, configured, and managed by software."  

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Sep 30 2016

Scaling security: 4 million secrets per minute

Posted by Andy Ellicott / Secrets, SecDevOps

What's your cloud reboot preparedness? Whether it's a disaster recovery scenario or applying a critical update, restarting your cloud infrastructure will need to happen fast, and it will require access to security credentials, possibly millions of them. You don't want your security architecture to fail under the workload.

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Aug 29 2016

Re-thinking Access Management for Digital Business

Posted by Andy Ellicott /

Identity and Access Management - “We’re not in Kansas anymore”

The application and software delivery landscape has changed dramatically over the last 5 years. So dramatically in fact, that access management requirements for these systems have surpassed the natural capabilities of many popular legacy security tools.

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Aug 11 2016

Securing EC2 instances using Ansible and Conjur

Posted by Kevin Gilpin / DevOps, AWS, Ansible

Ansible provides powerful orchestration capabilities to launch and manage machines in the cloud. Conjur provides advanced identity management and access control capabilities to help secure that infrastructure.

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Aug 01 2016

Docker 1.12 – Another Piece In The Container Security Puzzle

Posted by Andy Ellicott / Docker

Docker has taken a  welcome step toward making security easier for containerized applications. In Docker 1.12, made generally available last Friday, Docker, has been enhanced with “mutually authenticated transport layer security (TLS),

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Jun 28 2016

Webcast: DevOps, Security, and Compliance - No BS Edition

Posted by Andy Ellicott / SecDevOps, DevOps

Join us for a live webcast Wednesday June 29 at 2PM eastern on securing your DevOps pipeline.

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Jun 13 2016

What's New in Conjur 4.7

Posted by Dustin Collins / Product Updates

We are proud to announce the release of Conjur 4.7! Conjur is privileged access management and security software that helps digital businesses secure access to the thousands of system resources that compose modern applications.

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Jun 08 2016

Conjur Automates Secrets Rotation at Web-Scale

Posted by Andy Ellicott / Company News

Press Release:

New privileged access management functionality takes the risk and guesswork out of compliance

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May 12 2016

Conjur heads to Puppet Camp New York

Posted by conjur /


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Apr 05 2016

Conjur Delivers Automated Access Management to Windows Platforms

Posted by Joanna Mastrocola / Company News

Press Release:

Native .NET Libraries and Windows Remote Desktop Support Spans Microsoft Workloads in Cloud, Hybrid and PaaS Environments

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Mar 31 2016

The 5 Stages of Secrets Management Grief, And How to Prevail [Slideshare]

Posted by Joanna Mastrocola / Puppet

Our VP, Josh Bregman, was lucky enough to attend and speak at Puppet Camps Dallas. You might be wondering, what exactly are Puppet Camps? Puppet Camps are one-day events where you can watch presentations delivered by prominent members of the community as well as connect with fellow Puppet users. We recently spoke with Grace Stillar, Events Marketing Coordinator at Puppet Labs. To learn more about Puppet Camps, check out our conversation with her. 

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Mar 16 2016

Conjur to Speak at Puppet Camps Dallas

Posted by Joanna Mastrocola / Events

Heading to Dallas next week (3/22) for Puppet Camps? What a coincidence, so are we! Not only are we sponsoring Puppet Camps, but our VP, Josh Bregman, will be giving a talk on "The 5 Stages of Secrets Management Grief [And How To Prevail]".

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Mar 09 2016

Scaling Jenkins with Machine Identity

Posted by Dustin Collins / Jenkins

Today I'd like to share how we scale our build infrastructure at Conjur. We build and test the software we release on a Jenkins cluster running in AWS. Right now, we have nearly 100 different jobs defined and several different pipelines. We've been able to cut down on job maintenance by defining jobs in the Jenkins Job DSL (all our job definitions are open source here). But wasted time adds up if you can't find a way to automatically launch and configure executor nodes as needed. In this post I'll describe in detail how we scale Jenkins executors safely and securely.

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Mar 08 2016

Security Risks and Automated Solutions

Posted by Joanna Mastrocola / security

The Cloud Security Alliance recently released the Treacherous 12, the top cloud computing threats of 2016. Their goal in creating this piece is to help enterprises mitigate risk and come up with security solutions that defend against the most pressing security issues of the coming months. Although security experts make warning against these risks, few companies take actual steps to avoid them, and security breaches occur as a result. Therefore, it is not only important to craft a security plan, but also to follow it, keeping the issues of automation, access management, and secrets rotation in mind. 

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Mar 02 2016

All About Puppet Camps with Grace Stillar

Posted by Joanna Mastrocola / Puppet

Here at Conjur, we are big fans of Puppet. Together, Puppet and Conjur help organizations automate and go fast while staying in control with a clear audit trail.  

Our love of Puppet explains why we are super excited to attend Puppet Camps Dallas on March 22. Puppet Camps are one-day events during which you can watch presentations delivered by prominent members of the community as well as connect with other users in the area.  

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Mar 01 2016

6 Things Security Architects Can Learn from the Presidential Election

Posted by Joanna Mastrocola / Culture

In honor of Super Tuesday, we thought it would be a good idea to to take a look at the election process thus far and see what today's presidential candidates can teach us about communicating with a team.  Whether you're a conservative, liberal, or somewhere in between there are some clear takeways you can garner from these

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Feb 29 2016

Conjur to Present as SSH Cloud Partner at RSA Conference

Posted by Joanna Mastrocola / Events

Press Release:

Conjur and SSH will showcase a combined solution that allows customers to extend access management visibility and control beyond the datacenter

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Feb 26 2016

7 Sessions You Must See at RSA 2016

Posted by Joanna Mastrocola / Company News

Going to RSA? While you're navigating your way around the Moscone Center, it can be difficult to figure out where to go or which sessions you should attend. With hundreds of interesting and informative sessions, conducted by industry experts, how can you choose? Although you'll get some fantastic takeaways from any session you select, we’ve picked 7 sessions we think will be particularly interesting.

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Feb 25 2016

8 Books Every Security Architect Must Read

Posted by Joanna Mastrocola / security

We are always trying to get better at our jobs. Although we can't put a price on the real, hands on experience of practice, implementation, and and conversations, sometimes we need to rely on additional perspectives to paint a more complete picture.

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Feb 24 2016

Security, Agility, and Accountability: A Balancing Act

Posted by Andrew Racine / Culture

Many experts in the IT field believe that the battle inside the enterprise between developers, security, and compliance officers will de-escalate. However, at Conjur, we believe this issue is a complex one and is beyond the solution of simply finding common ground.  The challenge is discovering the balance between accountability and agility, and the security tools that can enable and sustain that balance.  

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